Needing a 6-bath kit sometime before Christmas I wrote to asking whether they ship to Italy and if they charge the VAT (normally VAT is not charged on intra-EUropean goods transactions. I recently bought a device in France without paying VAT).

No answer.

Being in need and not wanting to waste more time, on January 8th around 18:00 I placed an order on the site (or so I believe*) for the Fuji Hunt kit

Cost is €76,63 without taxes, which become €91,19 with taxes. Shipping was €12. Total expense was €103,19 immediately paid by PayPal.

The chemistry arrived today, around noon, delivered by GLS.

No-hassle shipping, normal fare, no "hazardous material" complications;

No answer to my original questions;
I had to pay the German VAT which was probably not strictly due;

* All the email regarding the order, the shipping etc. came from which is I presume just the same as, as said by somebody else in this thread.