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Needing a 6-bath kit sometime before Christmas I wrote to Nordfoto.de asking whether they ship to Italy and if they charge the VAT (normally VAT is not charged on intra-EUropean goods transactions. I recently bought a device in France without paying VAT).

No answer.

Being in need and not wanting to waste more time, on January 8th around 18:00 I placed an order on the Nordfoto.de site (or so I believe*) for the Fuji Hunt kit

Cost is 76,63 without taxes, which become 91,19 with taxes. Shipping was 12. Total expense was 103,19 immediately paid by PayPal.

The chemistry arrived today, around noon, delivered by GLS.

No-hassle shipping, normal fare, no "hazardous material" complications;

No answer to my original questions;
I had to pay the German VAT which was probably not strictly due;

* All the email regarding the order, the shipping etc. came from Phototec.de which is I presume just the same as Nordfoto.de, as said by somebody else in this thread.
Congrats! How's the chemistry itself? Have you had a chance to test it? Did you like it?