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So what I'm gathering is that the general suggestion would be, at this point, to use one camera with my in camera light meter and expose at its suggestion or open up one stop, and then develop as I see fit.


Another one of reason I suggest you don't bother just yet (which I didn't explain before) is that despite what the books say, N+1 exposure and 20% less development or the other way around, the fact is, those manipulations do not make that much difference and it's such that if you aren't trained to see the difference, you won't actually see it or appreciate it. I can tell you this with confidence because I actually did a multi-day experiment to try all the combinations. A long story short, I ended up with 9 prints with various combinations that are very difficult to see the difference from a normally processed reference print.

At this point, I'd suggest you don't even bother "open one up" unless you have a specific reason why you want to do it.

Mr. B and Mr. A (Mr. Adams) along with many others will go length on the benefit of these manipulations, and they are all telling the truth. What often get lost in interpretation is that the subtle change or benefit they are talking about. It won't make a night and day difference. It certainly is the level of change that can easily get buried in processing variations you will likely encounter for the first few months.