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I've not seen these marks before so I was wondering if anyone could confirm if it's emulsion that wasn't removed properly?
The emulsion is not to be removed. The emulsion is a mixture out of unsoluble (lightsensitive) crystals, dyes and lot of additives embedded in gelatin. The aim of processing is to change the exposed crystals into metallic silver, de-colour or wash-out the deyes, make those remaining crystals soluble and wash out all soluable stuff, with the silver bound in the gelatin remaining.

In your case at least the fixing stage did not work locally (indicated by the opaque look of the rebates).

The optimum remedy would be fixing and washing the film again. As it is only about the rebates, washing again would be sufficient.
I'm sure though that other members would consider this over the top, and just advise to keep the film as it is.