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You're using rapid fixer. In my experience, five minutes ought to be enough time with rapid fixer. However, if the instructions say to fix for ten minutes and you otherwise follow the instructions, ten minutes it is!

There are ways to determine the exact amount of time needed to correctly fix film, using a clip of undeveloped film and a stopwatch but, for now, let's just do things by the book.
I developed some colour film in the fixer on Friday, so I wasn't sure if that would have affected the fixer or not and left it in longer just to be sure. Good to know that 5 minutes is all it needs for B&W though. My darkroom tuition was from a self-taught fellow, so my technical knowledge as such is nil. So far I've mainly just followed the instructions from him & from the Ilford fact sheets, I'll have to trawl the charity shops for some darkroom books! The only way is up though, right?

Thank you again