tkamiya: yes, your points are valid and I brushed upon these by confirming that there were advantages such as ultra flatness.

Still, I think you might err when you infer that it is not a topic for discussion. YOU make valid points here so this discussion is confirmed, in essence, as being 'valid'. However, you do not have to agree. But, judging from the comments and viewings, I think that the topic has merit and that merit does not have to concur with David Lyga's 'take' on the matter in order to matter to sensible people.

Certainly, I started by stating the negatives about the 'negatives'(!) but your list of advantages I think are interesting and, more importantly, correct and thorough. There is a good side to this waste. I do not know if that good side completely supplants all the negatives but they should also be stated in such a post.

Yes, MattKing, there is an inherent irony but, remember, those theatres have to keep showing and showing the films without getting booed for stopping the projector. - David Lyga