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Just ordered a 8x10 unit.
You will enjoy it!! I have the 2 larger sizes. One quad and one trimate and wouldn't trade them for anything. I use Ansco 130 and it lasts at least 2 to 3 months depending on quantity of prints souped.

Here's a few things I've learned from using my Nova's.
If you can get extra print holders. Having more than one is very handy.
Make sure you rinse the print holders and dry them after using them. I made the mistake of not doing that and part of the next print I developed had streaks because of the fixer still on them! Junior mistake!
I usually only worry about keeping the stop bath slot cleaned out after printing sessions until I reach fixer or developer saturation then those slots are cleaned out. I only use water stop baths so it's quick and painless.
After a printing session I put the the tubes on top of the slot and then also I place blue masking tape on top of each slot. This really helps with evaporation. I reuse the tape as much as possible. I also make sure I put the same tubes back in the slots they came out of.
On the quad I use the 4th slot as a second fix for FB. Keeping track of the print numbers I have run through and then moving that to the 3rd slot and put new fixer in the 4th.
The height was a little bit of an issue for me on the larger one. In my last darkroom I couldn't put them in the sink so they were next to it on a counter. The counter was a little higher than a typical kitchen counter making it a little uncomfortable putting the prints in and out and agitating them. In my new darkroom I am accounting for this!!