Thanks for the post; I watched it with a certain sadness. The moment when McCurry loaded his last roll brought back my own memories. I remember cracking open the 1563 KR, loading it into my first ever Nikon (1979 black F2AS) and saying out load: "Well I guess this is it, the end of the line." Unloading the camera about two hours later, I must have stared at the rewound roll about five minutes before removing it from the camera before lifting it out and sticking it in the Ziplock with the rest of the day's shoot. When I returned home later in the evening, I unpacked the equipment I had used, and after placing a BF-1 on the front of the F2AS, set it on the bottom shelf of the curio when it has resided, undisturbed, to the present (I have a large supply of Nikon bodies, so dropping the F2AS as well as the other bodies I used that day - an F3HP as well as an F5 - from "active inventory," in a rare sentimental moment really was not much of a sacrifice...)