I bought two RB67 Pro S cameras and here is the story of what I got. I bought both on ebay and the first one came from a company that rents pro equipment, so I knew it was used by a pro. At this point I didn't know squat about medium formats and less about the Rb system. By the way, I spent $300 for each camera and sold one on ebay for $120. Ouch! Anyway, the first one looked in perfect shape and as far as I can tell the shutter is working great so far. I have only run about 10 rolls of film through it. There was a problem with the (I can't think of the name of the thing) but anyway it is the thing that prevents you from tripping the shutter when something isn't right. While shooting some family shots, it would not allow me to shoot in the horizontal position. I sent it in and got all the problems fixed and now have what looks like a brand new camera. The other one had a slight flaw on the bellow, but it was not a light leak. I only shot one roll of film through it and it was fine. The aperture blades did stick a little after the exposure was made, but moving the aperture ring a bit would free them up. It would be the hardest camera to part with of all the cameras I own. The pictures are super sharp and you feel like you are using a real camera. My 35mm equipment is great (two X-700's) but if it were not for the speed of use and the lenses I have, they would be sitting on the shelf. I also have a digital Nikon DSLR, but don't even get me started on that. I didn't mention that the RB that I have now that had to be fixed cost about $125 I think. So I have about $425 in it. I'm not sorry though. Each camera came with WLF and 127mm lense, 120 back. Had I known I was only going to get $120 for the one I sold on ebay, I would have kept it. Ric.