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I will admit that most of these shows' entrance rules left a bad taste in my mouth. I understand bills need to be paid and fees have been a part of the equation forever but, in this case, $200 is all they can come up with for the winner of this "a quite prestigious show"?
Most of these "pay to play" shows rub me the wrong way as well. While $40 is not a ton of money, it seems like more and more galleries are playing to the generally low self esteem of creatives with a business model that is based on the artist paying to have the honor of having his or her work hung on the walls, somewhere, anywhere. Some of these juried shows do come off well, but even high caliber judges are influenced by the local politics of "we can sell more landscapes," or, in the case of "Local Photography Group," one or two from each member entry, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings.

In the latter case, which I have witnessed countless times over the last 15 years here in Atlanta, you'll have finely crafted work, expertly framed and presented, hanging alongside drug store color prints tossed into a Wal-Mart frame. It's like a baseball team where everyone gets a trophy. It's condescending, and teaches people that they don't really have to try all that hard to make photographs worthy of display in a "gallery."

So, buyer beware. It's ultimately what you can get out of your investment, although I suspect the viewership of most of these shows is limited by the simple fact of geography.