[FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Hello,

I am looking for a generous APUGer to rent out or pay to share a darkroom in the Boston met area, by the month. The rental darkrooms at NESP are out of my price range.

I'm an amicable, responsible, tidy young man. I'm professionally and directly involved in analogue photography in two different ways--which I'll be happy to discuss in a PM. I'm new as a member to APUG, but I have been on Lfforums since 2006.

If there is an enlarger I may be interested in using it, but the plan currently is to find a place to develop film and a place to store my chemicals. I will of course discuss which chemicals you do or do not feel comfortable with me storing in your space.

Please contact me if you have a space you'de be willing to share.

Thank you