hi umut

i don't know the camera but i think it is a SUPER 8, not regular 8mm ( if that matters? ) so i think
it has a bigger image frame ( i think ? )

i found a little film made with its waterproof cousin
it looks like it has a sharp and contrasty lens.
( at least from the video )

i'm not sure if you found this forum or not
but there are people who shoot the eumig there
they might be able to give you a better idea of
the batter issues or if there is a better camera for your purposes.

you might also be able to find a bolex with a switar lens
c, b , l , h 8, all very nice, and very nice optics, and also
able to go 1 frame at a time ( something to think about at least )
swiss made, and built like a tank ( no batteries ! )
(lots on ebay, not 5$ though )

good luck !