I'm going to be needing to work out a better system for carrying my cameras while I'm out.

Currently, I'm using both a Canonet and an FM2n, the Canonet is just barely pocketable in a jacket, but it's by no means comfortable, or easy to get in and out of that pocket when needed, and the FM2n must simply be carried by hand the entire time. This is a somewhat cumbersome and risky (for dropping) solution for both cameras, so I'm looking to rectify that with straps or bags. I think a bag would be a bit of overkill for a fixed-lens rangefinder, so I was thinking a small, lightweight, narrow strap for it, either some sort of woven material (hemp?) or maybe leather (though I'm not sure how nice that'd be in the heat of summer).

For the FM2n, the jury is still out. I would probably only have the lens that's on it, but it might be nice to have a 3 prime kit on hand...I was thinking a small Domke bag might be perfect for the body and 2 additional lenses, plus film. Not sure what model though, so any experience in that regard would be appreciated also.