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Absolutely. But the part I found interesting is not that -- rather that there is a difference between the recommended concentration on the stab bottle of the 5L kit and what's on the PDF that everyone uses, and that in the 5L kit case, following the PDF leads to an abnormal quantity of stains on the film.
Well it did lead to problems in your case and maybe the PDF is wrong. However in a 42 page thread there have been a number of users, none of whom from my recollection reported this problem.

So before we conclude that your experience will be replicated in every case it would be interesting to hear if others had the problem you had at your concentration and then solved it by halving that concentration.

I have a digibase kit that I have yet to open. It is the midi kit so my interest is more than academic. I certainly don't want stains

Anyone else experience maxmars issue?