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Well it did lead to problems in your case and maybe the PDF is wrong. However in a 42 page thread there have been a number of users, none of whom from my recollection reported this problem.

So before we conclude that your experience will be replicated in every case it would be interesting to hear if others had the problem you had at your concentration and then solved it by halving that concentration.

I have a digibase kit that I have yet to open. It is the midi kit so my interest is more than academic. I certainly don't want stains

Anyone else experience maxmars issue?

I'm not suggesting my experience will be replicated in every case. I'm pointing out that there's a discrepancy between two official sources and in my case on has worked, another has not.

However, I have seen people mention in this very thread they added photo-flo to avoid water marks (e.g. http://www.apug.org/forums/viewpost.php?p=1319995) and there have been other threads here on APUG where people complained about this kit stab (e.g. http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/7...negs-help.html) so I thought adding my finding could help.

So, sky's not falling and not having anything else to contribute to this issue, I'll be back to lurking. Thank you for your attention and sorry if I sounded alarmed.