I'm a decent guy but I'd rather get rich selling mine. The truth is I just need to get every penny I can right now because I haven't had a paycheck in nearly seven months. I recently sold a nice Model 405 for over $300 shipped to Austria.

What camera(s) does this need to fit?

I have a holder that MIGHT work and it's worth a bit less than the precise model you seek. It's the Polaroid MP-4 version with the metal tabs on the sides. Those little pins just pull out and I've yet to see a fit where the pin sockets get in the way of anything. Even if they did they could be easily removed. BUT... the distance from the lip (at the end with the locking mechanism) to the main body is a bit shorter than the Model 405. It's otherwise identical. It fits many Graflok cameras but not all. I've tried it on several Toyo View, Graphic View, Super Graphic, and a couple others and fitment is perfect. However, it does NOT fit any older Graflex models nor does it fit a Chamonix 45N-1.

I'm only guessing but I think it will auction for approximately $200 if I do my homework and provide a good list of cameras it will fit. If this will work for you and you're interested I'll sell it for $160 shipped CONUS. Please understand that I can't offer it for less since I have zero income at the moment.