[quote="philldresser"]Wow! A win-win situation. You don't see many of those these days.

I suppose my next question then would be Does anyone have any experience with Pyro and FP4 plus which is my film of choice. I currently use 35mm(tank development) and 5x4(developed in BTZS tubes).

I have checked the county library but "the book of pyro " doesn't seem to be high on their list, so I am off to SURF to see what I can find plus try and locate a pyro supplier in the UK

Thanks for the quick responses


PS Frank - thanks for the postcard. I should have a set done next week[/quote


There is information regarding dilutions and developing time for Pyrocat HD and Ilford FP4 on Ed Buffaloes site www.unblinkingeye.com. This information is for both silver and for Pt-Pd. Please be aware, though, that the information posted there is based on using the BTZS principles for the SBR (scene brightness ratio). From what I understand, this relies on using an incident light meter in lieu of a spot meter or other reflective meter and then adding a factor of 5 to the spread between the low incident reading and the high incident reading. I mention this since I did not initially understand this and this gave me grossly overdeveloped negatives. FP4 is a film that many of the alternative process photographers use since it will build enough contrast (density) to use in those processes. Hope that this helps. Good luck.