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I don't have a F100, but I do have the F80 with the same "modus operandi" as the F100.
I found awkward to have the index finder of the right hand to change apertures (on the F100) and then move it up to the shutter button. It isn't as quick as it is operating an aperture ring on the F90X.
After adjusting the Customs Settings on the F100 one can operate the aperture setting with the: 1) thumb wheel or 2) aperture ring on lenses so equipped, which makes for stepless setting.

newcan, I'll avoid the more personal matter of fiscal responsibilty and instead focus on where/what you may find more satisying than another body. You sound smitten. I don't think anyone has told you anything new about the F100. It's a lateral move from a 90. In terms of performance/handling/etc. there's nothing appreciably different to impress you. If your goal is acquisition, great...F100. If goal is otherwise (performance, handling, inspiration, fortune, fame and glory) I think your hard-earned dollars are better spent elsewhere, either refining or broadening horizons, just like the rest of us.