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I have for my Bessler MX a mounted Scheinder 135mm for 4x5 that is fitted with an adjustable lens board from I think the old Zone IV Studios. Its a two-part board, with a large rubber (?) piece in-between, and three screws connecting the two boards, which then allows a micro amount of adjustment for the lens to Neg stage. It seems pretty well thought out, but I don't do much 4x5, and according to my Veraslab Laser, it does do what its supposed to do. I think some good ideas are yet to be discovered in alignment.
I think I remember seeing these, thanks for mentioning it!

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Beyond that, hook up a Heiland Splitgrade and the new Heiland LED light source, and you've got probably the best small format enlarging system ever conceived.
I recently priced this system out through RH Designs and in 4x5 it was around $2,400 US before shipping. In some ways, I have the money but I would rather do like you said and get a chassis and then build a custom enlarger in terms of adjustment from the ground up, then decide what size LED source to get which could end up being 5x7 for coverage.

If there is no heat involved like there is not with the LED light sources, you can work with hybrid materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Personally, I think this would be a blast to do and highly rewarding in the resulting product.