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Just as voters get the government they deserve, shoppers get the high-street they deserve, soon they won't be able to use the high-street as a place of demonstration and to handle the goods then buy them off the internet.
Yes, but I stopped visiting Jessops a long time ago when they decided they were no longer interested in selling to me and chose to become a digital widget retailer instead. That was down to them, not me.

HMV lost my custom when they decided they were no longer music shops and became DVD / Blueray and computer games console distributers and squashed what little music they did stock into the bottom corner of the shop.

I went intio HMV at Christmas. It was heaving, uncomfortable, noisy, had massive queues, was noisy, had nothing I wanted and was noisy. Alas, the long queues seem not to have helped them...
I went home and found what I wanted on Amazon - a much better experience all round - and you can preview the tracks on the album, something HMV stopped years go...

Personally I hate visiting shopping centres, now. Once you get past the age of being interested in what clothes you wear (actually, I never was....) then for a guy there is virtually nothing of any interest at all in a modern town centre or mall. They are mostly full of women's fashion shops, about the only shops left where the customer wants to look, feel and try on the merchandice. I might find a DIY or computer shop at the retail park - but there is nothing at all for me in the twn or high-street anymore.

I don't think that's because I've got the town centre I deserve - I just think that greedy landlords want huge rents, greedy government wants huge business rate payments - times are hard and the few huge companies who own virtually every shop in every town aren't interested in selling to the likes of me when they can shift large amounts of fashion items with a huge mark up to image conscious youngsters and women.