I'm sure you will get a variety of opinions so here is mine.
That's exactly what I'm hoping for. Photographers, if nothing else, are an opinionated bunch. While it sometimes leads to ruffled feathers, more often, it leads to a lot of great ideas coming together.

I use MF and LF so weight is a concern but after trying different types of bags and straps I settled on a camera backpack.
I used to have one of the Kata backpacks, and I got it for many of the very (really good) reasons you put forward. Unfortunately, that backpack was stolen from my car a few months ago (along with the dSLR & lens inside and another Canonet w/ a pouch), and I'm not really keen on replacing it with another backpack, simply because the inaccessibility made me far less inclined to take off my backpack to get to what I needed, where, when I have easy access, though it may be more cumbersome, I get the shot.

While I still need to find a solution for my digital kit, that's a different problem that I'm working out separately (instead of 1 body only, or a body and handful of small primes, theres a big digital body, 3-4 lenses, flash unit, etc.).

A small padded bag with no frills, attached to your belt.
Hmm, that's exactly what I'd done with my other canonet (before it was swiped), and while a touch awkward on my belt, it *did* work, and the pouch fit like a glove around a Canonet...maybe I'll just get another of those for this one...

Thanks for the replies so far, everyone!