Gosh. How do you keep from going insane personally printing the same thing over and over again?
The whole limited edition concept is pretty silly. If someone is working from and etched lithographic
plate or stone, it just wears out. So-called photolithographs, by comparisons, are sometimes made
in "limited" editions of tens of thousands, just in case there are that many suckers out there, because they are generally worth far less than the frame they're put in. Once in awhile I've accepted a high premium from somone wanting me to sell them a unique print, never printed again.
But a lot of this sounds like gallery marketing tricks as usual. Some photographers have resorted to
pricing the first ten or so prints at one level, then raising the price on successive batches. Still,
are that many really going to sell, or is this just jockeying the perceived value of the print? My
custom is just to make two or three of any given image, with one reserved for my own collection.
Move on to the next image. But I'm really of the same mind as Stieglitz - there only one "best" print
of anything.