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I'll probably start with D-85, and try others like Ansco-79B.
A while back, I entered the formulas for Dupont LD-1, Dupont D-7, D-85 (both single and two part), Ansco 79, and Ansco 79B in to a spreadsheet to compare the chemical ratios. All five contain identical quantities of Boric Acid, Hydroquinone, and Paraformaldehyde. Potassium Bromide was either 1.5g or 1.6g, Sodium Sulphite varied between 29.4g and 30.25g - The only difference of note was the use of Sodium Bisulphite (2.2-2.6g) or Potassium Metabisulfite (2.5-2.625g). These numbers are based on mixing parts A & B in the ratios given over on the unblinkingeye lith developers page.

Once you have mixed a batch of which ever formula you choose, there is scope to alter the ratio of parts A and B which may affect the final result - Last time I mixed a batch of D-85, I used it at a dilution of one part A+B (mixed 1A+3B) to 10-12 parts water. Tray life was good enough for a few hours, but capacity left a bit to be desired in my opinion - When things warm up a little and time allows, I have a couple of negs I want to lith print, so will mix another batch.