Toyo Field 4x5
or more specifically,
Toyo / Sakai 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 metal field camera
with New Bellows
$625 or best reasonable offer

This is the classic early Toyo Field with a new bellows and 4x5 bail back with original Toyo ground glass and fresnel.

It has front rise, fall, tilt and swing, and rear tilt. Everything works as it should.

The only thing missing is the strap. I have the original, which is pretty hopelessly worn, and am in the process of making a new one of leather. This will be done by the time it's ready to ship.

Some more vital statistics:

It weighs about 5 lbs 13 oz. The absolute minimum bellows extension appears to be about 2-3/4 inches. Maximum is about 13 inches. There is also a rear extension, which brings it to about 14-3/4 inches; this maxes out the bellows, so you won't get movements at that length.

It takes late-model Crown / Speed Graphic lensboards.

The bellows is new, bought from a vendor in Japan. It's not quite as thin as the original, but the camera folds up well with it. The covering is a leatherette material, so it should last a lot longer than an original Toyo replacement would.

These have a reputation for wrinkling the bellows when closing, but it depends on how the camera is folded. To avoid this, when folding the camera, push the front standard all the way "down", or towards the rear of the camera after folding the front down parallel with the bed. Then fold the rear standard down over it, and the bellows won't wrinkle. This is true of the original bellows, as well as this replacement.

Folded, the camera measures about 8-1/2 inches tall by 8 inches wide (9-1/2 wide including the knobs at the sides), and about 3-1/2 inches thick (3-3/4" including extension knobs on the bottom).

The back revolves 360 degrees. One nice thing is that the regular 4x5 back can be removed and replaced with a Toyo View 4x5 International back; it's a perfect fit. So if you have a 45D, 45E or 45F, you can interchange the backs.

Legend has it that there were 5x7 and 6.5x8.5 backs made for this camera; I've seen one of the larger ones in photos, but never managed to get my hands on either one.

This is a really nice camera and I hate to part with it, but economic necessity dictates that I get rid of some excess gear. I know I'll probably be sorry later, so buy it before I change my mind.

Figure 7 lbs shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. I can ship Priority Mail, First Class Mail, or UPS (in order of my preference).

I ship right after PayPal funds clear to my account; this takes a few days.