I developed 3 rolls of 220 C-41 film tonight in a 2551 drum in my (new to me) Jobo CPE2+ with "upgraded" motor. The minimum solution required is 640mL so I tried using 850mL to be on the safe side. The bottles that seemed to be designed to fit the CPE2(+) have only a 600mL capacity. I thought I would be clever and use instead 1000mL Jobo bottles that I have on hand. However, I ran into the problem that once I had emptied a chemical out the big bottle could no longer be put back in the slot as it would simply float out. This meant the water level decreased since the volume of the bottle(s) was no longer being displaced. To start with I was processing using the chemicals one-shot so I was dumping each chemical. On a related note, how do CPE2(+) owners temper the water for the rinse step + the final rinse / stabilizer solutions. There doesn't seem to be enough slots (just 4) and then 4 graduated cylinders. For what do people use the graduated cylinders? Does anyone opt to purchase a separate tempered water bath just to keep rinse water, and chemicals for the next run?

I am new to posting on APUG, but a longtime lurker. Thanks in advance for some guidance!