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Develop and fix a piece of it with no exposure to see if it has fogged with age.
I did one better! I just now got out of the darkroom after testing it. I had already went to bed after I made my post, but I tossed and turned until it got the best of me. I dug out one of my better 8x10 b&w negs. and then cut a 8x10 piece of the paper. Got my contact glass plate out and put the works under my Omega D2V with no carrier and my 80mm WA Schneider lens wide open. I gave a 40 second hit and came up blank. I then gave it a 3 minute hit and had a very light image. So, I set it up again, flipped the switch and went into the kitchen and had some cookies and milk. Then went and checked my email, let my dogs out to pee and stoked the fire. After 15 minutes I pulled the paper and developed it. Now we're talking! Very good image, but it could still use a little more exposure. The outside borders should have been black, but were just a real dark grey. Still, I don't see any imperfections on the paper at all and that's a miracle. The fellow that gave it to me was a friend who used to setup at camera shows with me and he was killed in a car wreck over ten years ago. Now ten years is bad enough, but he gave it to me probably more than four years before he died and who knows how long it was made before that. All I know is that it's going to be a blast from the past for me and 500 feet is a lot of playtime. JohnW