Looking at the Kodak directions for Flexicolor processing in Rotary tubes (z131_03.pdf) I see only one wash recommended, between fixer and final rinse. This is given as 3 minutes. Does that mean they suggest simply filling the tank with water and letting the rotary processor (Jobo in my case) agitate it for 3 minutes before dumping the water?

I see that for the sink-line processing they have an additional earlier wash between bleach and fix. Why this difference compared to rotary processing. I also see that people here on APUG recommend a lot more washing and changing of water than one 3 minute single wash step. I am left scratching my head as to why people's recommendations seem to be so different from Kodak's.

When I dumped the 3' minute wash water it came out pink, and the final rinse turned slightly pink as well. I did the final rinse using 1500mL in a glass beaker sequentially for 3 individual rolls of 220. I look forward to scanning them on my Kodak HR-500+ scanner in the morning. ::: fingers crossed :::