You could do it that way, but the 'proper' way which I have been using for the past 20 years is 6 changes of water in that 3 minutes. I.E. 30 seconds between changes when using rotary processing.

Yes the colour tint is quite normal it does get less noticeable the more changes you do, but 6 changes should be enough. How much water do you put in the tank? The normal rotary process uses a minimum of 150cc developer, can I suggest a minimum of 200 cc's of water for each rinse.

The additional wash between the bleach and fix may be to stop cross contamination between the two solutions. I normally use a bleach/fix combined which does not have that extra step. I don't know what affect it will have if you don't use the water rinse, perhaps lessen the effect of the fix - I don't know.