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Its works well on gum too (DASGum Process?).

Hi Charles,

After reading this I did my DASgum test again by mixing a regular 14 baumÚ gum pigment mix 1:1 with a 3% DAS solution. Normaly I mix this 1:1 with a 10% potassiumdichromate. With several exposure times longer and shorter than my regular 4 minutes I never could make the gum harden and hold the pigment. Gum is different than other collo´ds being a polysaccharide. As I have understood the hardening in the gum process is of the complex forming kind as in prote´n based collo´ds the DAS hardening is of the free radical type. But correct me if I'm wrong.
For the gummist there is hope too. I am currently testing DAS with several synthetic collo´ds and one of these looks very promising. It's even cutting down exposure times in a dramatic way. Only how to call this new approach...
I will post about this and other non-toxic pigment collo´d methods on zerochrome.org in the near future. So maybe I should coin zerochrome for the newborn.