Interesting question. I've often wished I was a machinist with access to all that CNC and crazy water table stuff. Man, I'd build exactly the perfect view camera and enlarger for me, and it would be so precise it would be ridiculous. The tolerances would be incredibly small, with scales as precise as possible. Of course that's all just dreaming - although I've pretty much built/modified all my negative carriers so that they work exactly how I want.

More realistically I think in the end there are only a few things I'd fix on my Saunders 4550 (VCCE head):

1. I'd redesign the lens stage (ie focusing) to be more rigid and precise. I never liked lens stages supported by those two rods on one side. Mine hasn't gone out of alignment, but it just seems wrong for that kind of money and I feel like if I had a particularly heavy lens it might go out of alignment.

2. Swing/tilt on the lens stage. Of course this would have to have extremely precise scales for zeroing it. It's a feature I'd probably only use very rarely, but nice to have.

Other than that I'm pretty much fine with my enlarger. I check alignment from time to time and it is still bang on (luckily). As for light sources, I guess LEDs and fancy metering/exposure/timing devices etc are kind of cool but they wouldn't add any value to me.

Designing a view camera from the ground up, that's another story.