Certainly, here I am guilty of focusing upon ONLY 35mm film and you are correct when you state that there are other 'wastes' that I am not zeroing in on. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a point that we use for recording purposes only about half of the film and I though that that 'fact' was interesting to parse. In fact, many were rather amazed at that revelation.

OK, Jnanian, 35mm film's sensational success is surely at least partly due to the fact that it is, as you rightly state, a 'free for all'. That's probably a primary reason why it never 'died' like the other formats.It HAD to be kept in stock because of the movie industry. And, both Jnanian and zsas, as you, again, correctly assert, this 'waste' does serve a purpose: my point is that the SAME purpose could have been served with LESS waste. Let's not present this thread in polarized absolutes. I think that my original point is valid but at the same time the counteraction to my singular focus is not only just and fair, but necessary. There are many angles to this idea and it is best to expose them all.

Andrewf: Point well made about the salvation of much of this waste through the audio track built right into the film for absolute synchronization.

- David Lyga