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To the best of my knowledge, well in excess of 30 years old. Certainly pre 1984 ( it was coated at Basildon or ILFORD ) before the new factory was built at Mobberley. It could even be 1960's.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Thanks for the info on the paper. I did a search on the "all knowing" Google and could not come up with really anything. That made me believe I was dealing with a possible King George era paper. Not really, but I did figure it to be pretty old. The fellow I got it from would have been in his 80's now and who knows how long he had it. I'd say pre- 84 is for sure. I just took another look at the box to see if there was any other clues as to its age and all I see is that it is "single wt#" "soft glossy" and Ilford Limited - Ilford - Essex, England. Just goes to show the fine quality of Ilford products and this stuff was certainly not stored in an optimum environment either. Thanks again Simon and it's really nice having a person like you, from a company like Ilford, here. JohnW