I am in the process of calibrating a Zonemaster II.

I was wondering if there would be an advantage to setting it so it reads just above paper white rather than 0.04. Or does it really need that 0.04 to give some obvious seperation in tone and allow room for specular highlights etc. I imagine if I set it at just above base white I will be missing out on those really bright highlights if they were on a neg, or at least I would be printing them too dark if you know what I mean.

I have finished my test strips at 0.04 and 90%. Going to make my own grey scale for the unit now with MGIV FB and then make a couple of prints to see if I am happy with them.

Never used a meter for printing before so this is all new to me, I am only used to doing test strips. I am finding it fascinating though using the densitometer to get things as accurate as possible.