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I've recently starting shooting Arista EDU in 4x5 and 120. So far I really like it, I just need to tweak my developing times a little.

Just out of curiosity if you had to compare this film to TMax, Tri-X, Hp5, etc... What would it most closely resemble? I haven't shot Tri-X since college in 1993. My film of choice before shooting EDU had been the Delta emulsions.

And for those of you who used it can you recommend a starting time on development? Currently I'm developing them in D76 1:1 for 10 mins and my negs seem a little thin and lack contrast compared to TMAx and Delta.
In terms of grain and tone I think Forma Pan 400 is similar to Tri-X of the 70s, I shoot at 200 and develope 35mm in Mircodale (sp?) (or the Ilford verson) 1:3 120 and 4X5 in D 76 1:1. Are you shooting at 400? If so you may need to lower the ISO to 200 or 320, the data sheet suggests that it is really a 200 speed film.