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Trust me. Shoot with a medium format camera at 2.8 for awhile and then come back and tell us what your keeper rate is. Unless you are constantly focused at infinity I would assume it will be pretty low.
I don't know that I'd agree wholesale; it depends on what your subject matter is, how critical the focus point is, and how good the camera's focus mechanism is. Close up for portraiture, yeah, you're going to be choosing one eye over the other (I'm told that the ULF people sometimes have to choose which *eyelash* will be in focus). But for mid-range stuff like outdoor environmental portraiture, I find my keeper rate is limited by composition and lighting more than by focus, even wide open.

There are quite a few variables, though. You can get away with faster film in medium format because the grain is less of an issue in the larger frame, for instance, so hopefully you don't *have* to shoot wide open so much.