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ones I've seen seems to be consumer grade lenses. Of course, I'm kinda surprised that you're not looking at digital for weddings. That seems to be the direction most wedding pros are going.
They are consumer grade. They are slower and are all plastic... They are still Nikon glass though and a lot lighter... And to answer the digital question, I have considered the possibility of digital while also shooting MF B&W... Kind of the best of both worlds.. But, I shoot with another photographer during weddings. She shoots all the color and I shoot B&W... So, until that partnership changes, I get to use my beloved film.. Also, I'm banking on picking up the niche market of people that still respect film and are interested in photographers and not "shooters".... Many people like the idea of a 11X14, fiber print, hand made and mounted by the photographer..

If I couldn't in the wedding market not using digital, I would probably just give up weddings in general... I like the extra cash but I am not trying to feed my family with it.......