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And for those of you who used it can you recommend a starting time on development? Currently I'm developing them in D76 1:1 for 10 mins and my negs seem a little thin and lack contrast compared to TMAx and Delta.
If the negatives are 'thin' - as in poor shadow detail - you are not exposing enough. Bracket your exposures from 100 to 400 and see where you land. Pick your film speed based on that.
If you have low contrast, you are not developing enough. Again, after you figure out appropriate film speed in above step, vary your developing time until you have good contrast.

Final negative contrast is almost entirely under your control with exposure and development, where the film characteristics are constant, but how you use the film is a variable, and it's unique to each and every one of us.

Freestyle, which packages and re-sells the Foma film as the Arista.EDU 400 that you're using, recommends 12-13 minutes with D76 1:1. Try that first, and then make adjustments.