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I am just trying it in everything at this point. I got nice tonality but odd spots in the skies with HC-110 and the grain was decent, went kind of flat and was under with Xtol, but the grain looked the best, no surprise there. I have 6 more rolls of the brick left, so I will do one in Rodinal and then one in Xtol with more exposure, more like ISO 3 instead of the calculated 12 with an R72.

The price of IR400 went up to $10.99 at Freestyle but is in stock at B&H at $8.99 so I stocked up. But I want to get SFX dialed in because it is a bit cheaper and supports Ilford.

At least we have these two, I can do a lot with that.

How about posting some comparative shots after you have finished your "experimenting?" I plan on ordering a brick of SFX at the end of the month when I put in my next order, but would like a bit more guidance re exposure and development before I load up. If nothing else, it would allow me to be a bit more objective in my assessment of the capabilities of the film.