Also, check your camera for a light leak or bad light seals. The foam degrades over time and needs to be replaced. I had the number print through problem on a roll of my own handmade film run through my Yashica MAT-124. That camera has no window at all AND the film isn't even orthochromatic, let alone panchromatic. My backing paper does pass a little light in a single layer but with no window it should not matter. A double layer passes no light. Turns out the foam seal at the bottom of the camera where the supply roll is was shot and had enough of a light leak to fog the film. After I looked at some Kodak Tri-X I had run through the Yashica, I found fogging to a lesser extent along the outer sides of the negatives.

I have a Kodak tourist WITH a red window that I have converted to use 120 film. I've run Acros through that with no number print through issues at all.