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That's some seriously old equipment! A device labeled 32 in diagram and you have in your hand in two photographs is called a "vibrator" and is a mechanical device to create AC from DC. It was notoriously unreliable when new and probably more so now. Picture 28 shows the contacts are quite pitted. It, at minimum, require a good cleaning. When it fails, I don't think you can find a replacement. Likely, this device is used when the unit is in battery operation only - to step up and charge a large capacitor bank. I say all this because I am not sure I would recommend spending all that money to refit this with a new set of batteries.

Anyway, nice find and it will surely make an interesting project. I am just not sure if it's practical try to use this in portable operation.

I was wondering what was number 32, so it is an alternating current generator, thanks!
The flash does not fire under 6 volts.
because the conductive contacts lost power. I thought it was a changeover contact.
I had it replaced with a changeover relay, it did not work.
Now I know why, it was not a changeover contact, but an alternating current generator. can you still get new?
hopefully it works well with a working AC generator