I went through four bottles of DD-X and to this day think it to be one of the best developers out there, but cheap it is not. I switched to using it more diluted than 1+4 as recommended and actually liked it just as well or maybe a little better. In the end I switched to replenished Xtol and now I'm looking into "Home-made Xtol" and then I'll use that as a one-shot. Of course, for now I'm using and really liking Pyrocat-HD. If you want "cheaper, but better" then look no further than Pyrocat-HD and you can buy that pre-packaged also or mix your own. You have a part "A" and a part "B" when mixed with water 1:1:100 or 1 oz. A + 1 oz. B + 100oz. H2O. A little goes a long, long way and it last nearly forever. Sounds like you might want to try it. JohnW