I mean rookies... That would be me !

Bare with me. I'm new to enlarging and printing. LOVE to print, but still cutting my teeth.

I know when you shoot, you usually meter for the shadows, and then print for the highlights, or that's what I've been doing with my b/w film.

I heard some folks mentioning split filters so today, I thought I would try it on a still life image I want to print.

My base exposure is around 9 seconds. So my first exposure was with a 0 filter for 2 seconds, then I did another with a 3 1/2 grade filter. The paper I was using was Ilford MGIV FB.

Does the 0 or lower numbers on the filter pack effect the highlights, and the larger numbers effect the shadows?

Can you explain to me, why someone would want to split filter an image in a real, S i m p l e manner.

Any info you can share as to why, how, or what ever on split filter printing would be greatly appreciated.

Gump in Tn.