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I have enlarged hundreds of photo for people. Artists and Photographer. Most od them use box speed. The results are aweful. So much trying to get a decent print. I lot of people do not change their exposure or development with thought according to the lighting situations.
Basically I use a similar method used by Phil Davis in exposing film under an enlarger. Develop five or more testa at differnt times and plot them. I use a more contrasty "standard" to Phil Davis since I find his reults to soft to be practical.
My aim is to fit my negatives to a Paper contrast of 1.05. As mentioned I usually increase my devolpment because of the use of unsharp masks. If I desire I do change my exposure according to what I want or need.
Have to go dinner is being served. I will get back to this later.
Andreas - how can you be sure the awful negatives (and I must assume for now you mean underexposed when you say awful) are the direct consequence of these people having rated their film at box speed? What about how they metered their scenes, exposed the film, developed the film? There are many variables to consider.