...the little camera that started it all.

(Sorry for the iPhone photos. I don't feel like dragging out the digiboatanchor)

Last week I bid on this box presentation set, to the tune of $145 including shipping. This is the one that made me admit my addiction to cameras and started my de-hoard liquidation.


The reason I REALLY wanted this is because my original model came with the original purchase receipt, from Jacks Cameras. The presentation box with accessories... was also sold by Jacks Cameras!!



Both of these were bought from eBay sellers in the Philly area, so I am pretty sure they were both sold by the same Jacks Cameras Inc., back in the 70's.

Isn't that cool?


The original will be put in the display cabinet because its freshly returned with a new coupler, motor, lens cleaning, soldered connections, and new blue leather. The model 2 will be my daily walk around camera that gets knocked around in my messenger bag.