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I think we can all agree with that.

I posted about it at the time but when they announced the end of E6 I tried to order some E100G from Freestyle and got the "call for inventory" thing so I called. I was ordering ten rolls. I forget how many they said they had but it was enough for me and the guy said, "we usually sell about ten rolls of that a month so you should be fine..." Granted they are often more expensive than B&H (at the time, it seemed hard to get B&H to ship without signature -they've since changed that and I generally order film from them) but they're still one of the biggest online analog retailers in the country, and they were selling ten rolls a MONTH. Maybe they sold more E100VS but I doubt it as Velvia always seemed more popular for the saturated look.

I just shook my head at the time thinking, "no wonder Kodak quit making it."
Really, how is this possible? 10 rolls a month? Why would they even order any more chrome film if that is all the sales they could get. I hope this just shows how abysmal Freestyle is at selling film rather than the true popularity of Kodak slide film. I joined this game, VERY late so have zero history with slide film. I have shot tens of thousands of images using either color or b & w negative film, but never got the bug for positive until just last year. I was always under the assumption that Kodak's slide film was THE most popular. So if they sell 10 rolls/month of Kodak slide film, what about Fuji? 5 rolls a month?

I know that there is a lot of concern over the future of E-6 film and one would hope that with Kodak shutting down their supply, the increase in demand to Fujifilm might help them keep their E-6 lines going with some degree of security. But from the above, it seems highly unlikely.

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