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I ordered a pack of Impossible Color Protection film to test out a thrift store Polaroid OneStep that I picked up. I was kind of surprised when I found out it takes 30-40 minutes for the image to develop!

Wow... So if the image isn't exposed correctly I have to wait 30-40 minutes to see if I need to adjust the little slider. Obviously not practical. It also lacks the magic of handing somebody a print you just made in front of their eyes.

Nothing against those guys what they have done is an amazing story but to me I just don't see any point... If I keep shooting this camera I guess I'll go with the Silver Shade that seems to take less time to develop.

Seriously, I don't want to rain on TIP but if you really wanted something more akin to the polaroid experience then maybe you could check out Fujifilm Instax series. I've been using their line of instant film and so far the feeling has been magically especially with the ladies~~~!