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In the corner of my computer screen, the feed that is with me every minute of the day says silver as of 4 minutes ago was $ 31.39 per troy ounce. We buy silver by the tonne.:
Miners have mortgages and rights to safe workplaces too. Some of us even spend a little of our dirty, hot & dangerously earned money on film/chems/paper.

The investment in developing new mines boggles the mind. Those investors (you know, super funds, people like us etc) expect a return on that investment.

That investment must be funded over the life of the mine by a volatile commodity price traded in a speculative market by financiers who don't know or care what the product is, what it's used for, or how many hobbyists have to pay an extra $ for their final product. Commodities are the new housing bubble. It's way of the world for the foreseeable future.

It's very, very unfortunate that small businesses who simply want to use the commodities as raw material are forced to pay prices pushed up by speculators. Frankly, I'm happy to pay a little more. I use very little at a time. By comparision to (say) following football, it's still a cheap hobby once our equipment is depreciated. (my Franka must be fully depreciated by now surely? 60+ years?).

Apologies for the rant. (but I do feel better, thanks.)