Hi guys,

New member. First post. And yes, I'm selling something. As a courtesy, I have paid for a 6 Month (+Paypal Fee) Subscription and am happy to make a further donation of 2% of the selling price of the lens.

Once the lens is sold, I likely won't be coming back, as cameras really aren't my thing. I was just lucky enough to stumble upon this lens!

Basically my boss found it in a box at work (left in a box in a storage room by the previous tenants who vacated 6 months previous) and had no idea what it was. He walked past my desk and said "Do you want this? I'm going to throw it out otherwise". I had a funny feeling it might be worth something, so I accepted his offer.

It sat on my desk for at least a fortnight or so before I eventually decided to ask some camera-savvy friends on a another (music) forum I frequent if they knew 1.) what it might be, and 2.) what it might be worth.

Luckily for me a friend was clever enough to identify it. He also pointed me in the direction of this forum as a potential place to sell it.

Here's the thread where it all unfolded: http://www.ozhiphop.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=138053

I've since taken it to have it inspected and appraised by two local vintage camera repairers/sellers. Both were very impressed by it's condition and agreed that there is no mould on the inside and that it is in immaculate working condition. The only downside is that there is no lens cap. Both repairers were also very impressed and intrigued by the panorama adapter. They both remarked that they had never seen one before and that it may have been custom-made and was probably used by a real estate agent or similar to take 360 degree photos of the insides of rooms. Apparently they would "stitch" the two images together using software.

Anyway... having searched on eBay under "Completed Listings" late last year, I was glad to see that one particular seller had recently sold 4 of these for an average of $2,500 US each. These completed listings are no longer visible as that are no longer recent enough to search for, but nonetheless, it has given me an idea of what one of these things is worth in good condition.

Seeing as though I paid exactly $0 for it, and in the interest of a quick sale, I'm going to put an asking price of $2,000 (AUD) on it. That includes the lens and the panorama adapter. All reasonable offers considered.

This $2,000 price tag includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. I'll be sure to take great care to ensure the items safety.

I took a video of the lens earlier this afternoon to show how the panorama adapter works, how to remove it from said adapter, and to get a close look at the condition of the lens.

Check it out the video here: http://youtu.be/zFtd0bydfVM

For peace of mind, please also check out my eBay seller page. I am a reliable seller with a flawless records.

Check out my eBay seller profile here: http://myworld.ebay.com/danehimself

Thanks for checking it out! And if you know a friend who might be interested, please steer them in my direction.

Thanks again,