So, we have finally made the move and opened at our new premises on Carrington Rd in Marrickville.
14A / 10 Carrington Rd, Marrickville NSW

As for public/communal darkrooms, from 2007 – 2010/11 I ran the darkroom and revived the workshop program at a space in town (let’s not mention names for various reason’s) before setting up space in Leichhardt, 5km’s down the road. The studio in Leichhardt was a fantastic space however we grew out of it in the 18 months that we were there. We have further evolved and now, based in Marrickville, our main difference is that the whole facility is on one floor and is spaced a little better than our previous set up. The darkroom is larger and the set up opens up new possibilities for exploring various processes such as wet plate photography and salt printing, whilst keeping our core interest at heart – the silver print.

Exploring new and alternative processes is a wonderful thing since it forces you to think differently to what you are used to. Having said this it is no secret that we are a grand supporter of the silver print. Straight silver halide based photography (ok ok, black and white film photography…) is nothing new, and yet it doesn’t have to be. However, for those who have only used digital means to create an image, the silver print is a whole new world. The camera’s, the films, papers, darkroom equipment – it’s all unique and will only continue to be.

The amount of cameras (and users) that have come by the studio since we first set up in Leichhardt 18 months ago has been inspiring and, well, sometimes eye opening! Seasoned pro’s, tech heads, photo-artists, amateurs, and the occasional “Hi, I got this off ebay. So how do I use it?” character – all came at different times yet all had the common meeting point where their end product was produced.
As our new space evolves I welcome you. Whether it’s an event, need to use the darkroom, or you need to get some films processed or photographs made etc, feel free to swing by. All info has been updated on our website.

Enrico Scotece