I got one where there's a dating scratched in the mirror - two months before it was released.... that's rather cool.

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The Deco Rolleicord is pretty fancy and just screams "1930s." They were made right around 1935. They are just a little slower to load than a standard Rolleiflex, but not by much. They are basically Rollei's slightly less expensive consumer line. The lenses are good and the basic camera is still the same. They are still easier to use than a Leica or Bessa. Downside is they are collectible and tend to run a little money for one in good condition. I'd budget somewhere around $350 for a decent one. If your couple is more into 1930s than they are hardcore vintage camera users, this might be the one though.


Using the serial number on the Zeiss lens, I date the camera above to right around 1934-1935.

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